The only shared office space in downtown San Diego that includes a RETAIL floor.

Industry Showroom - A DIY Creative Business and Art Space- Gaslamp Quarter / East Village- San Diego - Downtown
Retail Outlet and Wholesale HQ in the Gaslamp Quarter/East Village border for Creative Entrepreneurs


Creative Businesses
@ Industry Showroom

Industry Showroom is a cooperative fashion, marketing, design, art, and retail experiment in downtown San Diego from Empire Media Lab.





industry showroom

Bohemian market san diego industry showroom

Our first Bohemian Market was a wonderful, wonderful event.  Tons of great, creative merchandise and hundreds of clever shoppers that escaped the mall trap to buy some thoughtful holiday gifts.

Long Live the Bohemian Market.

bohemian market san diego craft fair

the San Diego Bohemian Market

Our debut Bohemian Market was Saturday DEC 18, 2010

(Below is the hooha from that show.)


Arabella D'Acquisto

Meet the Artist

Arabella D'Acquisto's newest series of photographic images was inspired by a class project called "Imagined Realities".
In this attempt to face her childhood demons, Arabella forces the audience to go behind closed doors.


Arabella D'Acquisto at Bohemian Market indie shopping san diego

Bohemian market for shopping Arabella D'Acquisto


Lillie Soap Co.

lillie soap co at the Bohemian Market
All soaps are handcrafted from a unique blend of oils and butters which we like to refer to as the "super seven" producing an extraordinary moisturizing and mild soap. 
Oils: olive, coconut, palm kernel, sweet almond and castor.
Butters: cocoa and shea.
Enjoy!  Lillie 

Essentials Clothing

essentials clothing at th ebohemian market
Essentials creates high quality fashions for the surf, snowboard, and skateboard lover. All of our clothing is American made with the highest quality materials, showing the freshest and most unique designs. The whole crew at Essentials has been driven by board sports for a very long time and can’t wait to help creatively influence the future!

Jemic Designs

jewelry shopping san diego
Clever and inspirational handmade jewelry, faceted gems, elegant/classy /funky /chic accessories to frame your gorgeousness.

Melt Boutique

Melt's concept is adding style and happiness to your everyday by offering two things: Jewelry and ZAKKA. Our jewelry has a touch of luxury including swarovski crystals, precious stones and precious metals at a affordable price. ZAKKA is a Japanese term for anything that makes your home and life fun and stylish. Unique home accessories and gifts can be found with us. Many items are brought from Japan, but not limited to. We "melt" cultures together with a wish to "melt" your heart.

Brit Boy Fashions

brit boy fashions
Brian Terry, design consultant and importer of fashion from England brings his designer items to Industry Showroom in downtown San Diego.


consuul clothing

Consuul is a full service production, promotion, and design company that screenprints dozens of clothing lines as well as their very own. 

ninja neishon san diego fashion

Clothing made by Ninjas, for Ninjas.

John Sisouvong

art at the Bohemian Market

Art and prints will be on display from the very talented John Sisouvong.  You will love this wonderful collection for house and home.


chikle art screenprint san diego design


Anti-establishment, anti-war, anti-boring, pro-screenprinting propagandanista, Chikle will be here purveying his freshly printed.  Really cool stuff and a great addition to any clever household.

Atomic Laser Lab

laser engraving at bohemian market
Laser engrave leather, ipods, ipads and virtually anything on-site with our high resolution custom laser engraving system.

Popular Naughty

popular naughty clothing

Pop art fashion steeped in the dark alley culture of dive bars, burlesque houses, midnight monster flicks, hot rod, punk rock, and visual chaos. In other words... super bad-ass t-shirts.

ms formaldehype at the bohemian market shooping fest

tiki jewelry

Msformaldehyde makes handmade accessories you can't find anywhere else. I am born and raised in San Diego. I love to make accessories for special occasions. Tell me what you want and I can make it!
Wedding, Fall Wedding, Goth Wedding, Wholesale available just ask for details.


vintage gift shopping downtown san diego

LaurenSHARON searches high and low for the best vintage housewares around. You'll always find fun and unique finds in her online store,, but this weekend at the Bohemian Market she's featuring vintage Christmas and pieces never before seen! Plus-freshly baked cookies and Christmas candy, see you there!

Magdalena Heffernan

local art for sale in downtown san diego
Local artist producing paintings and digital art at affordable prices.  A fun, local addition to the art scene.  You can see her art all over San Diego, ANd buy it here on Sat.

I Made This

dog sweaters at bohemian market

Hand knit dog sweaters and canine fashion from the Salty Dawg Salon & Boutique.

Sweetie Cakes

popular naughty clothing
A new entrant into the world of cutting edge Clothing. Sweetie Cakes Fashions are for young women seeking versatile Contemporary Clothing for the Casual Chic, with Trendy Style for day or night.

Pins Hooks & Needles

local handcrafted goods san diego Pins Hooks & Needles - Locally handcrafted goods

Romantic Rock

romantic rock fashions san diego  

Stunning post-punk, pro-glam fashion and clothing design.

LuB DuB MaMa featuring Rappsody Glass

shopping downtown san diego  

Beautiful Locally Handmade Jewelry and Blown Glass. The best in West Hemp macrame jewelry with OG designs.
Be sure to check out our Italian style blown glass Christmas Ornaments and goblets too!

ChulaMaiz Jewelry

jewelry shopping in downtown san diego

ChulaMaiz Jewelry is fun, unique, bold and affordable jelwery made from silver, semiprecious stones, copper and other neat stuff.  All are one of kind pieces, from necklaces, earrings, keychains and bracelets.





JUNIOR the DiscoPunk

junior the discopunk There will be a multitude of sounds, rare brilliance, and hot, hot, hits provided by the DJ stylings of LEGENDAY spinmonster, Junior the Discopunk.  Thanks Junior!


of Bohemian Market T-shirts and Posters


Special Thanks for the Event Support provided by

Jon Block

JBCreations was founded in 2009, dedicated to supporting local artists in their communities. In San Diego, their highlights are MASQUERADE: NEW YEAR’S EVE – a rock concert at the Birch North Park Theatre headlined by Delta Spirit – as well as the VOICES music & arts series in Gaslamp, the Circa Now rooftop rock show at the 10th Avenue Theatre, and the high fashion & fine art experience LOVE STRUCK at the La Jolla Playhouse.
Arguably the most popular venture is SIGHT & SOUND, the music & arts festival in San Diego, launched in March 2008 by Adam Rosen and Jon Block. Spanning multiple stages with an average of 20 performance acts, SIGHT & SOUND brings together the finest in live music, art, theater, film, comedy, and dance.
jon block at the bohemian market

Also brought to you in part by

honeypot san diego events

There will also be Yoga at Industry Showroom!!


Urban Yogi
@ Industry Showroom

Balance your urban lifestyle with an energizing yoga practice.  Strengthen and detoxify your body as you relieve stress and calm your mind.  Experience a full-body workout and moving meditation.  Vinyasa flow classes meet regularly throughout the week at the Industry Showroom in downtown San Diego.  

Return to bliss with Urban Yogi

ABOUT our in-house Yogi

gaslamp quarter yoga teacher


CLASS Calendar

Your first class is FREE!


A native of San Diego, I grew up enamored by the natural beauty and cultural diversity of the place I call home. My yoga journey began while attending the University of Colorado. After graduating I packed my budding yoga practice with me as I traveled around the world, learning how to leave each destination better than I found it.

When I’m not wandering through foreign lands, I explore the depths of my yoga practice. Bliss, empowerment and peace of mind are what I find. My challenge, then, is to bring my yoga to life by directing that positive energy to my thoughts, actions and the betterment of my community. It is my joy to share the teachings of yoga with other urban yogis as their own journey unfolds.



Arabella D'Acquisto
Lillie Soap Co.
Essentials Clothing
Jemic Designs
Melt Boutique
Brit Boy Fashions
Atomic Laser Lab
Popular Naughty

the san diego bohemian market

Later think about...

sudden art gallery in downtown San Diego for alternative art shopping




Sudden Art Gallery - Industry Showroom-
Street:345 6th Avenue
City/Town: San Diego

THE First Show's (test-drive of the space)

archie dean
exist 1981
benny blanco
spencer little christina liu
miranda marks
luke wessman
ab grizwald
sergio hernandez
honkey kong
taylor johnson
chandu reading
caia koopman
kevin peterson
jasmine wright

on the First Friday of November 5th we started a new series of art events at Industry Showroom. This should be a very cool collision/cross pollination of cultural groups.We are still in the planning stages for the First Friday December show, but you can rest assured it will be interesting and ongoing.

Why?  More art in downtown San Diego! We’ve perfected the “eating and drinking” part of the downtown San Diego lifestyle. We’ve absolutely mastered the art of yelling “WOOOOO” in the streets at 2am in downtown San Diego. Now we can work a bit on accentuating our personal living spaces with original art.

In a section of Industry Showroom that will play host to a revolving group of artists, craftsmen, photographers, and designers that will present themselves to you as a interior design option. Supporting the arts? Sure, great- but this is ultimately about YOU getting a chance to buy fresh art and design in the early stages of an artists career.

So… let’s do this.

fashion, art, and design shopping in downtown san diego's gaslamp quarter





Welcome to Industry Showroom in downtown San Diego.

What is it?

A big, artistic space with shared offices, a conference room, art gallery and creative industry/fashion retail floor.  Get it?  Cool.  Come by and check it out. OR proceed to explanation 2.


Explanation 2:  This is an 8,000 sq foot industial loft situated right between the Gaslamp Quarter and East Village.  It was built out by the Hard Rock Hotel for when they had their sales office here.  So I took it on (Rex Edhlund) with a partner (Sheila LeMire) and rented out the private rooms to other creative entrepreneurs.  THEN, I put together a retail floor for the fashion and design we create and collaborate on.  An Art Gallery finishes the place out.  Voila!  A cool downtown shared creative space.

But wait... we also have a room you can rent daily for private events and/or conferences. PLUS we have a photography/video studio.


I know, it's a lot and it isn't a simple answer.

But it's not for simple people.  It's for the creative.

You decide who you are.


Watch for more.

We have a number of events coming up and some of them will be invite-only.  Shoot us your email or "like" us on Facebook to be kept on the guest list.


Industry Showroom is an indie fashion, design, and art workshop and shopping space. 

OPEN to the public!.  Shop in the Gaslamp Quarter!  Downtown San Diego

Keep in touch to find out more on our
San Diego Art and Creativity Events.

Industry Showroom on Facebook



Art and Design Collective


View Larger Map 

San Diego Clothing Designers!!

Our unique, interesting space on 6th Avenue next to the Culy Trucking Event Center, 2 blocks from the Convention Center, and nestled in between the ballpark and the Gaslamp Quarter has space for you.

We are surrounded by hotels and the foot traffic down here is fantastic, so we need to take our giant retail floor and turn it into a design feast.  Lara Matthews (of Thread Show fame) described it as a permanant Thread Show and in some ways that is true.  Our goal with this space is to give new businesses a boost and one of our ways is to give up the floor for NO FEE.


If you have merchandise sitting in storage- bring it here.  If you want a place to help build your brand- bring it here.  If you want bragging rights to a cool location- bring it here.  If you have money to spend on independent design and art- bring it here.

We will watch the shop and sell your stuff (or sell you stuff), you just bring what you already have.


Shop downtown in th Gaslamp Quarter
the big funky shop at the East Village border,
art, fashion, jewelry, and engraving to order,
fresh and exciting, you won't get bored.. or
every shop anywhere else.



Gaslamp Quarter shopping collective

San Diego Art and Creativity Events.
 has done a lovely little writeup!  Check it!

We are full.  We are still accepting possible candidates for partnership and we welcome you to be on a waiting list.

We are also pleased to announce the addition of
Sudden Art Gallery



Stay tuned for more.

shop for fashion in downtown san diego


There are a ton of new businesses starting at kitchen tables and being operated out of garages that need to expand and get more exposure.  The jump from garage to full blown store and all of the expenses that come with it are usually too great of a leap. 

Industry Showroom is here to bridge that gap.

Shared office spaces are hardly a new concept, there are hundreds of office suites in San Diego.  Our concept builds on that basic premise, yet Industry Showroom also shares traits with shared retail spaces like Leaping Lotus in Solana Beach.

With our space you get retail floorspace and a private office and/or workshop.  Our concept gives you what you really need to grow a business.  Rents range from $650 for display space to $1100 for an enormous office with counters, shelving, storage, AND retail display space. Internet, electricity, water, and other misc. expenses that can nickel and dime a small business owner to death are all included.  You won't have to sweat the little things, we do that for you.  You can focus on your design, wholesale operations, internet sales, and your on-site retail sales.

Combine that with a community seminar space (which rents for a great price by the way), an art gallery for monthly events. a photography room, a podcast station, a fine art screen print studio, and a curated showfloor of local design talent... you have it all!  It's like "Empire DEPOT" for those that wish to build their creative empire by hand.

It's the smart way
to build your brand.
Industry Showroom in San Diego

Shopping in Downtown San Diego!  We host a large number of local designers, t-shirt lines, artist and other creatives.  Our retail floor is designed to be fluid and constantly interesting, we home you continue to come discover the creative output we work to provide for gift-giving and personal enjoyment in San Diego.


For the public it's a shopping extravaganza.  Shopping for art in the Gaslamp Quarter?  Industry Showroom! Shopping for design items in the Gasamp Quarter?  Industry Showroom!  Shopping for fashion in the Gaslamp Quarter?  Well, duh... Industry Showroom.


industryshowroom bohemian market

industry showroom indie shopping in downtown san diego
Entrepreneur and Creative, Fashion, Design Incubator Space
with Private Offices and Collaborative Ground Floor Retail Space in the Gaslamp Quarter

An Elegant First Step to Becoming the Next Big Thing.